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As a massage center owner, you may sometimes feel tension that comes from being pulled in two different directions. You know you need to spend time managing your business, but it seems like it takes away from practicing your true passion—massage therapy. Thanks to HealingRadiusPro, a business management software for massage therapists, you no longer need to choose!

HRPRO offers features that will simplify your business management and give you back the time you deserve. With our massage business software, you’ll find scheduling and payroll options for your community of therapists, along with immediate calendar updates as changes occur, and color-coded features to illustrate appointments. Now you and your staff can get back to treating the body’s muscles using various techniques that boost function, aid in the healing process, and promote relaxation.

Our helpful features are here to help you relax and enjoy managing your business. Claim your wellness business and learn more about HealingRadiusPro today!