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Staff Management

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Manage Your Staff from the Comfort of HealingRadiusPro

Appointment Scheduling

Why not have all of your appointments scheduled well in advance, as well as have the option to instantly edit or make changes to your appointments without white-out or an eraser? HealingRadiusPro offers exclusive appointment scheduling software that gives you the freedom to manage your appointments from anywhere, at any time.

As a cloud-based business management solution, HealingRadiusPro is specifically designed for professionals in the healing community. We created our online booking feature because we wanted a way to give you the amount of freedom and mobility you need when scheduling appointments.

Appointment Booking

Why struggle with scheduling appointments over the phone when you don’t have to? HealingRadiusPro is here to help! Our state-of-the-art appointment scheduling software allows your clients to book appointments with you, anytime, anywhere. Guide your customers to visit your business page on, check your appointment availability, and book an available time. When they make an appointment, you’ll receive an email notifying you of the appointment day and time.

The online booking feature can also help you keep track of cancellations by sending you an email to confirm the cancelled appointment. The appointment booking feature is available in one online location, and it’s easy to use! Don’t bother wasting any more of your time on the phone; you have HealingRadiusPro on your side.

Class Scheduling

You have enough to worry about; leave the class scheduling to us! HealingRadiusPro offers an exclusive class scheduling software, letting you manage and schedule classes from anywhere, at anytime. You’re busy hosting classes and helping people on their journey towards a healthier life, you don’t have time to hassle with scheduling classes the old fashioned way with a pen and paper. HealingRadiusPro was designed to help! Our class booking software provides you the freedom you want and deserve.

You can post your class schedule to your business page to let potential and returning clients know of the next available session. It’s simple and easy to use; give it a try before your next class.

Class Booking

It’s time to know exactly how many clients are attending a class before it starts. Which is why we’re proud to introduce the class booking option with HealingRadiusPro! This exclusive online class booking feature allows your potential and returning clients to check class time and availability, as well as reserve their spot. Clients also have the option to make payments via the booking feature on behalf of others in their group, making processing and check-ins easier and quicker for you. To start, have your clients visit your business page on to see your class availability and to book their spot. Once your clients make a reservation, you’ll receive an email notification with their contact information. With HealingRadiusPro’s online booking software you’ll never have to worry about how many people are attending your next class; we’ll do the work for you. Just be sure to update your class information on your business page!

So what are you waiting for? Leave the papers and bulky calendars at the office and keep track of all of your appointments and classes with HealingRadiusPro’s online booking feature.

Benefits of the Online Client Payment Portal

Who has time to hassle with accepting payments over the phone or during check-in? You certainly don’t, which is why we created a fast, reliable, and user-friendly way for your clients to pay for their appointments or sessions online. HealingRadiusPro’s online client payment feature allows your clients to make payments through PayPal, Stripe, or The best part—you can accept and authorize payments from your computer, tablet, or smartphone at your convenience. No more rushing to process payments before your next class while you’re busy checking in clients.

Payment Options

At HealingRadiusPro, we believe in the power of simplicity. To make managing your business a littler easier, your clients can check availabilities, book appointments or class sessions, and make payments—all online. When it comes to paying for their reservation, your clients have four available options to choose from: cash, credit, check, or through their insurance.

Supported Payment Accounts

When you’re busy healing the world, you don’t have time to worry about security or processing payments, which is where we come in. We’ll keep you and your clients secured so you can get back to doing more of what you love. HealingRadiusPro partners with PayPal, Stripe, and to provide your clients with a gateway to make a payment, giving you the necessary freedom and mobility to accept the payments anywhere and also anytime.

Benefits of the Staff Management Feature

Wouldn’t it be great to better organize your staff information and schedules? We thought so! At HealingRadiusPro, you have the power to manage your staff members working hours, sessions, time-off requests, and much more. And don’t worry about any confusion or mix-ups, we’ve got you covered. You can label each staff member with a unique color to make it easy to find their schedule and information. Get started by claiming your business on and gain access to HealingRadiusPro. With loads of helpful features like Staff Management, you’ll wonder how you ever did business without it.

Staff Classification and Roles

When you own a wellness center, you can’t do it all yourself. We understand that, which is why we created various staff department options in HealingRadiusPro. You can sort your staff based on their department or job title, with options to include therapists, instructors, office staff, and marketing team members, and easily keep record of their activity and information.

How to Add Staff Members to Your HealingRadiusPro Account?

Adding staff to your HealingRadiusPro account is simple, quick, and well worth it. Under the Staff Management feature, you can add all of your staff members to keep everything organized and up-to-date. You can add personal information, profile pictures, roles, work and class schedules, as well as add notifications, important dates, and choose a color-coded option for each contact.

How to Import Staff Members to Your HealingRadiusPro Account?

Need to add your staff members? Don’t feel like adding them into your account one by one? Well of course you don’t—no one does. That’s why with HealingRadius, we allow you to import as many contacts as you want directly into your account in one simple process. Just log in to your HealingRadiusPro account, head to the appropriate tab, and select import. From there you can upload a CSV or Excel file with your staff member information, or use the Excel template we provide. Sounds easy? Don’t take our word for it—try it and see for yourself!

Benefits of the Contact Management Feature

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to keep all of your contacts, their information, personal details, schedule, and class history in one online location? Well, there is! HealingRadiusPro is the premier business management solution designed to help you help others. Our simple-to-use solution can help you search for any contact and keep all of your information organized. And did we mention—it’s all online! HealingRadiusPro is as mobile as you are, so you’ll never leave home without it.

What types of contacts can you add?

We’re glad you asked! Your contacts can be anyone from your clients, to staff, to leads, to vendors. That’s right, we want you to do away with the rolodex and add all of your contacts to HealingRadiusPro instead. Our online business management solution makes it easy for you to add, search, and organize all of your contacts on your HealingRadiusPro account.

How to Add Contacts to Your HealingRadiusPro Account?

We made it easy to add contacts to your HealingRadiusPro account anywhere, and at any time! All you’ll need to do is click on the Contacts tab located on the dashboard of your HealingRadiusPro account. Select the Add New icon located on the top, choose their designated category, and enter in their information. And you’re done! Pretty easy, right? That’s because here at HealingRadiusPro, we believe in the power of simplicity.

How to Import Contacts to Your HealingRadiusPro Account?

Have a lot of contacts you want to import quickly? Well, you most certainly can with HealingRadiusPro. No one has time to sit around and individually enter in contact information, which is why we created the import contact feature. You can choose to import your contacts through your own Excel/CSV file, or you can use the custom template that we provide for you.

All you need to do is select the Contacts tab and choose the Import icon located on the far right-hand corner of your screen. Then just select what type of contact group you would like to sort these contacts into, choose your preference for uploading, and you’re done! It really is that easy to import and add contacts to your HealingRadiusPro account. So forget about the rolodex and your contact book; you’re with HealingRadiusPro now!

Arranging schedules and granting time-off requests just got easier

Find out how you can keep up with your team of devoted and hardworking health enthusiasts. HealingRadiusPro was designed with the healing profession in mind, which is why we make it easier for you to keep track of all of your staff’s information, schedules, time-off requests, and so much more. Give it a try, today!

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Staff Management