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Center your studio around HealingRadiusPro, a yoga business management software program designed to handle your time-consuming tasks and daily responsibilities. We even offer online booking for yoga practices to help encourage yogis to register for your classes!

You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and now, HealingRadiusPro wants you to focus on smooth motions and meditative techniques, and experience the joy of sharing your expertise with others. After all, you shine brightest on your mat.

Balance Your Staff

  • Maintain schedules, hours, time-off requests, wages, and more
  • Assign and manage tasks and activities

Stay on Track

  • Accept reviews and respond to students online
  • Utilize your calendar to maintain booked, cancelled, and rescheduled appointments
Yoga Therapy

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Between the endless list of massage techniques you offer, you can find complete harmony with HealingRadiusPro, a massage business management software program. Take advantage of our online scheduling software for massage therapists that includes helpful features like contact management, staff management, and the option to read and respond to your clients’ questions and comments.

This way, you'll have more time to maintain a relaxing atmosphere, demonstrate your knowledge of proper technique, and help improve the health of others.

Make It Easy for Clients to Come to You

  • Offer easy and convenient credit card processing
  • Provide online appointment booking for clients to book and pay at their convenience

Manage Your Massage Rooms

  • Keep track of appointments and their corresponding room assignments
  • Use staff management options to support your studio’s functionality


Is your chiropractic practice in need of an alignment? HealingRadiusPro and our chiropractic business management software can give you the independence you need while organizing your day-to-day needs in one online location.

With the abundance of helpful and easy-to-use features within our chiropractic scheduling software, you'll be able to continue making clients feel comfortable while releasing your wealth of knowledge about the spine, nervous system, and muscular system.

Get to Know Your Clients

  • Organize and manage information of new and existing clients
  • Read and respond to reviews online

Make It Simple

  • Enable clients to book and pay for appointments online
  • Keep track of recently booked or cancelled appointments


Acupuncture Therapies

If you're searching for more time to devote towards the healing practice of acupuncture, look no further than HealingRadiusPro and our acupuncture practice management software. Designed for health and wellness professionals like yourself, our acupuncture class scheduling software handles time-consuming tasks so that you can focus on facilitating healing through the proper placement of needles.

Lead Clients Back to Your Healing Touch

  • Offer convenient online booking and payment processing options
  • Accept reviews and respond to clients online

Track the Natural Progress of Your Business

  • Watch your business grow in real-time with customizable, easy-to-use tools
  • Use your calendar to track your growing rate of appointments


Everything you’ll ever need to manage your business from one online location is right here! Today, it’s possible to find business Zen with the help of HealingRadiusPro’s business management software for meditation classes.

Embrace the wide variety of simplistic and user-friendly features within our meditation studio management software, including appointment booking, staff management, contact management, and the ability to set up payment gateways for your clients.

Maintain an Effective Business Profile

  • Add and manage your business profile in an online marketplace
  • Include your experience, certifications, language proficiency, specialities, and more

Keep Your Business Organized

  • View upcoming appointments from your dashboard
  • Monitor and manage rescheduled and cancelled appointments
Meditation Therapy


Acupressure Therapy

Are you in need of a healing touch for your business management? HealingRadiusPro’s acupressure management software applies the right amount of pressure to energize your business, keeping your appointments balanced and your calendar organized. With our multitude of helpful features, you can use online booking for acupressure classes, as well as manage your staff, clients, and business profile. You just focus on what you do best while HealingRadiusPro manages the rest.

Organize Your Business

  • Keep track of your booked appointments with ease
  • Maintain your online business profile with experience, qualifications, and more

Form a Connection

  • Utilize customizable websites to grasp and connect with your clients
  • Accept reviews and respond to your clients online


Teaching your students the art of breathing, movement, and meditation is essential, and your day-to-day business tasks shouldn’t weigh you down. That’s why HealingRadiusPro created qigong wellness business management software just for you!

With a tool like class management software for qigong, you’ll be able to take advantage of user-friendly features, such as online booking, visitor searchability, and website management. Get back to your great skill of working with energy and let us handle the business management.

Become Visible

  • Let students and the community find you with search and booking options
  • Customize your business description with important details

Get to Know Your Students

  • Organize and maintain contact information to strengthen relationships
  • Read and respond to your students’ reviews online



Healing a patient’s body through life energy is your speciality, and now, HealingRadiusPro wants to help your business shine along with you through our business management software for reiki classes. When you claim your business, you'll gain access to a lengthy list of features that will help you stand out from the competition, such as online appointment booking. Let HealingRadiusPro be your accountant, office manager, marketing team, and sales force, all at once.

Manage Your Calendar with Ease

  • Utilize your practical calendar to manage appointments
  • Avoid overbooking your schedule

Take Us with You

  • Download the app to keep a pulse on your business wherever you go
  • Experience continuous support for any questions or tutorial needs


From lowering blood pressure to relaxing tense muscles, you excel at helping clients gain the ability to change their physiology, lifestyle, and behavior. That’s why HealingRadiusPro created online scheduling software for biofeedback therapists, so we can give back by providing a wide variety of easy-to-use features to help your business grow.

With our biofeedback therapy management software, you can experience what it’s like to create a flexible work environment and improve overall productivity and efficiency.

Include Your Business Details

  • Display location and hours of operation
  • Provide new and potential clients with a customized business description

Monitor Your Progress

  • Utilize your calendar to track your growing rate of appointments
  • Access your dashboard to view analytics of your business growth



You are getting very, very sleepy. Let HealingRadiusPro’s business management software for hypnosis help soothe your business into organizational flow. With our online scheduling software for hypnotherapists, you’ll be able to release the tension of everyday business tasks and stay focused on creating subconscious change in your clients and treating chronic pain and stress. HealingRadiusPro will take care of your appointments, schedules, and management duties for you.

Experience Online Appointment Booking

  • Manage and grow your schedule of appointments
  • Enable clients to pay online with easy-to-use payment options

Keep in Touch with Clients

  • Read and respond to your clients’ reviews online
  • Utilize your contact management feature to strengthen relationships


You heal your clients using a wide array of natural treatments, now let HealingRadiusPro and our naturopathic clinic management software guide your business down the road to success. Our class scheduling software for naturopathy will help you keep track of appointments, read and respond to your clients’ reviews, manage online booking, and create a customized business profile.

Apply Contact Management Solutions

  • Strengthen your relationships with clients using your contact management feature
  • Accept reviews and respond to clients’ comments online

List Important Details

  • Display your location and hours of operation
  • Provide available services and/or treatments



As a Pilates instructor or studio owner, what if we said there's a way to focus on promoting overall health and well-being without having to worry about any time-consuming business tasks? HealingRadiusPro was specifically designed to serve as your go-to pilates business management program that handles your appointments, staff schedules, contact information, and more.

What's more is that you'll be able to read and respond to your clients' reviews in a matter of minutes, helping you build and maintain long-lasting relationships.

Deliver an Amazing Online Experience

  • Construct a detailed and eye-catching business profile to attract clients
  • Read and respond to online reviews in a matter of minutes

Oversee Schedules On-The-Go

  • Download HealingRadiusPro for free on your tablet or smartphone
  • Manage your schedules when you're out of the office


While you focus on relieving ailments through pressure points on the body, specifically the hands and feet, HealingRadiusPro will focus on handling your time-consuming tasks in one convenient location. Our reflexology business management software offers a wide range of user-friendly features to grow your business, including online appointment booking, contact management, and staff management.

Provide Superior Customer Service

  • Access payment history and contact information
  • Read and respond to online reviews with ease

Manage Your Appointments

  • Oversee a schedule of booked appointments
  • Provide your clients with the opportunity to book anywhere at any time



To stay focused on what you do best, let HealingRadiusPro’s homeopathy clinic management software help lead the way to business success. For instance, our homeopathy software for business management will help you handle your leads and online scheduling, as well as manage your appointments and schedules.

With our assistance, you’ll be able to get back to treating your clients, while we work our magic to take care of your management needs.

Create an Online Business Profile

  • Manage your business profile within an online marketplace for health enthusiasts
  • Add your hours of operation, treatment details, language proficiency, and more

Offer Easy-To-Use Online Booking

  • Enable your clients to book and pay for their next visit at their convenience
  • Watch your client base grow in real-time


While it's your mission to use dieting, herbs, aromatherapy, meditation, and other treatments to re-establish your clients' balance and maintain their health, it's our effort to provide quality appointment scheduling software for ayurvedic professionals like yourself. HealingRadiusPro’s ayurveda business management software offers a wide variety of easy-to-use features that can simplify your day-to-day business tasks, giving you more time to focus on your clients.

Create an Appealing Profile

  • Develop a business profile for potential clients to view your services
  • Add your experience, qualifications, specialities, hours of operation, and more

Improve Your Customer Service

  • Use contact management options to strengthen relationships
  • Read and respond to reviews online

Dance/Movement Therapy

Dance Movement Therapy

Pirouette to business perfection with HealingRadiusPro, also known as an appointment scheduling software for movement therapy. With our dance studio management software, you’ll be able to keep your staff and clients on pointe through a wide variety of tools, including easy check-in features, online appointment booking, and on-the-spot credit card processing.

It’s time to get back to doing what you do best: leading groups, facilitating therapeutic change, and helping clients explore various movement choices.

Improve Your Steps

  • Provide on-the-spot credit card processing for convenience
  • Implement schedule changes instantly

Keep Your Business in Motion

  • Track how your dance studio is performing
  • Manage and promote your services from one central location